We are seeking overweight participants between the ages of 18-40 years, who exercise for no more than 30 minutes a week, for an exercise study.

We are conducting a study to better understand how the blood vessels and nerves respond to exercise. Eligible participants must not have cardiovascular, metabolic (e.g. type 1 or 2 diabetes), neurological, or inflammatory diseases, or be pregnant. Participants will visit our laboratory 3 times in the morning (at least 48 hours apart) for this study.  Each visit will be approximately 3-5 hours. Participants will receive monetary compensation upon completion of the study. 

This study will be conducted at the Integrative Physiology Laboratory, Department of of Kinesiology and Nutrition, the University of Illinois at Chicago.

For more information, please contact Dr. Tracy Baynard or Kanokwan (Mandy) Bunsawat at 312-996-9607 or uic.ipl@gmail.com (Put “Vascular Function” in the subject line).


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