Integrative Physiology Laboratory

The Integrative Physiology Laboratory (IPL) concentrates on health-related research across several disciplines using translational approaches that are both cellular and whole-body in scope. The current faculty’s research integrates aspects of cardiovascular function, metabolism, inflammation, hydration and nutrition status, and exercise/physical activity. We evaluate healthy individuals, as well as at-risk populations or those who suffer from chronic diseases, including hypertension, type 2 diabetes, kidney disease, and obesity. The IPL utilizes state-of-the-art applied and basic techniques to accomplish its research goals.


IPL Post-doc receives AHA Fellowship

Abeer Mahmoud, post-doc student of Jacob Haus, has recently been awarded theĀ American Heart Association Mid-West Affiliate Winter 2015 Postdoctoral Fellowship. She will be investingating the effect of hyperinsulinemia on vasomotor function in isolated human skeletal...

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RECRUITMENT ENDED: Aerobic Capacity in Multiple Sclerosis

Do you or anyone you know have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) who can walk without the aid of an assistive device? We are looking for individuals with MS who can walk without an assistive device to participate in a research study at UIC. This study is aimed at understanding...

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